Better late than never!

Thanks to an incredibly busy day filled with lunch and lots of fun planning with Melodee, straight after that to carpool, then off to flute lessons for my daughter, followed by dinner with a great friend….I am FINALLY at home and FINALLY found our week #10 mojo winner!

Congrats to JESSICA LAURENO and this fantastic layout of sweet family at the Florida State Fair.  I love how she adapted the sketch to work for her photos and love the elements that she used.

Jessica, send us your address to, and we will have Super Shipper Scott send you out a little scrappy goodness!

Until next week….keep those mojo’s coming!  :0)

FIVE HUNDRED and TWENTY LAYOUTS….and then some I’m sure!

10 weeks, 10 sketchs, 520 layouts!  That’s FIVE – HUNDRED and TWENTY amazing creations that you talented scrapbookers have collectively created to become members of the Diamond Mojo Club.  I cannot even begin to express how much fun this week was for me, watching your creations positively POUR in.  As I sat here reading through the comments left on the blog to determine the winner of the incredible Lost & Found prize, I was actually moved to tears and how inspiring each and every one of you are to me!  I love my job!  I love being able to offer you some simple sharpy marker lines to create by each week….but the true paycheck is seeing you create a treasure for your own family.  Pat yourselves on the back!  10 weeks!  You are awesome!

I double, triple and quadripple checked again, the amount of entries that we had posted on the blog.  52 was the magic number.  I turned to my trusty friend Random.Org to give me our winner and #25 was the lucky pick.

25 official Diamond Mojo Club entries down I found our winner…..Helen Cuckler.

Although I wasn’t able to comment on everyone’s fantastic layouts, I do remember the fun layouts from Helen.  I think my favorite was her Pea Soup layout.

I love the monochromatics of this layout as well as the fact that she did her layout about going to a German restaurant.  I lived with my family in Germany for 3.5 years, so as soon as I saw her list and saw the name Pea Soup, I knew exactly which layout it was.

Helen…a HUGE congrats to you for being our random winner!  Will you please email your address to and we will get that delicious package of brand spankin’ new My Minds Eye product out the door to you!

I can’t express again, how excited I am for each and every one of you Diamond Mojo Club girls that you were able to complete so many fantastic layouts.  Big high fives and group hugs to each of you!

So now it’s time to start up with week #11.    Are you ready?  I hope so, because I don’t want to stop seeing what you girls create!

This week, I was asked by one of our fans Jennifer Collins, for help on a sketch.  She had 2 photos, a 5×7 and a 4×6 that were stumping her.  I set to work and sketched away!

I asked Jennifer to  see the photos, and actually giggled out loud when I saw them, because just the very day before I had taken some incredibly similar photos.  Her photos are of her sweet little man, in front of a brick wall.  Mine?  My sweet girl and her cousin in front of a brick wall. I couldn’t resist using the photos I took to see how similar our layouts might end up looking.

I positively love how well today’s steal, My Minds Eye’s Life Stories collection worked with my photos.  The rustic red of the bricks were screaming to be paired up with a kraft colored scheme, not to mention the weathered feel of the Life Stories papers.

Today’s kit is absolutely packed with little goodies that make the perfect addition to a layout.  I love the simplicity of popping out a few die cuts and badda bing, badda bam….you have the perfect accent for a page!  I also love how a portion of one of the papers worked out perfectly for my journaling block, and even inspired me to use my hand writing.  Gasp!

Granted I’m sure my layout is a little more fru fru than Jennifer will be on the lookout for, for her little guy, but hopefully the springboard is now in place!

After creating my layout, I  couldn’t stop creating since the crafty with the kraft papers was full on!  I decided to use up a few of my scraps and create some simple cards.

I love how easily these cards came together, by simply adding one of the die cut embellishments, or a portion of one of the papers.

I have to say there is an additional full on beauty of this collection.  If  you aren’t particularly in love with the prints, which I will admit, there are a select few of them that I am not, the beauty is the BACKSIDE of the papers.  Plain krafty goodness.  Squeee!  This collection is worth every cent….just for the backsides of the papers! (The rest that you love is added bonus!  :) )

I love how universal this color is and makes such a lovely base for truly just about any color combination.  I had some scraps from last weeks mojo still sitting around on my desk (shhhhhhhhhh….I didn’t clean up!), and threw together in literally minutes, this card which has an entirely different feeling from the typical “Life Stories” look.

So there you have it!  It’s time to get crafting once again.

Remember the rules:

#1….share, share, share!  If we reach 100 shares by next Monday at midnight, we will have 2 drawings for our regular weekly prize.

#2…..share your creations with us!  Post your layout by next Monday at midnight on our Facebook Fan Page and you will be entered into our random drawing for our weekly giveaway.

#3…..for our next drawing for 10 sketches completed, you won’t need to have all 1 – 20 sketches complete, but if you do…….you will be entered twice into the drawing for the crazy goodness that Melodee will work her magic on getting!  So if you haven’t caught up yet….take a deep breath….you’ve got time!

One more thing…..I’d love some creative input of what our next club achievement should be called, for those that complete sketches 11 – 20.  Sometimes I feel like my creative juices are gone!  :0)

Again…a huge congrats to you Diamond Mojo Club members and a HUGE thank you to My Minds Eye for providing our Diamond Mojo Club giveaway.

Well, that’s it for this Wednesday!  It’s midnight right now and I’m spent!  I think I’ll get some rest.  It’s going to be exciting come 9AM, to enjoy the MWM buzz as always!

Gimme an “S”, for that Paper Bag Mini Album

Wowzah!  What a day!  I can’t believe how busy being a working mommy can be sometimes.  Actually let me rephrase that…I can’t believe how busy being a mommy can be sometimes.  Add the work on top of that and that =’s CRAZY!!   I’m sorry for the delay in figuring out the winner for the Paper Bag Mini Album.  It’s been one of ‘those’ days.  However, my day has been sugar coated with Carmel Apple Sugar Babies, so that’s not all bad.

Hopefully Maya’s day wont be all bad either!  :)  Thank you Random.Org for selecting comment #17.

Maya September 24th, 2010 at 12:08 pm – #10531

I love the idea of the paper bag….I might even use this in my art class….great idea. S is the initial for my youngest son. :)

Now here’s hoping that little “S” man will enjoy the paper bag mini album as well.

Maya, shoot me an email to and I will get your mini-album sailing on it’s way.

What can *you* make with TWO sheets of today’s steal?

I <3 We R Memory Keepers.  I mean I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy LOVE We R Memory Keepers.  Their designs are always so creative and fun and today’s kit, the Geo Hectic line is no exception!

One of my very favorite features of the We R Memory Keepers paper lines is the fact that they have the quad-mini prints of the entire collection on the backside of some of the regular sized prints.

I love using these smaller prints for making cards, but thought it might be fun to make a little Paper Bag Album.  I’ve never made one of these before, but figured that the smaller prints would be perfect for this project…and you know what?  It was!

If you have never made a paper bag album before it’s SUPER easy.

Step 1: Take 3 lunch sacks and fold in half.

Step 2: Mark along the ‘spine’ of the album where you would like holes.  Anywhere from 3 – 5 works great!  I did mine centered out 1″ apart, starting from the middle.

Step 3:  Decorate the front cover and the back cover.  I used one of the decorative brads from the kit to finish off the front of the cover.

You can ‘bind’ your album using rings, brads or ribbons.  I used some sparkly brads.

Step 4: Decorate the inside pages.  These pages are perfect for a little journaling, some quick photos, even memorabilia.  I thought it would be such a fun idea to make one of these for a baby shower and have the guests write advice to the mom and slip the papers into one of the ‘pockets’ of the bag, and add photos from the shower to the pages.

So there you have it!  SUPER fun.  SUPER quick.  SUPER cute, and guess what….I want to give it to one of you!  If you’d like this darling little album, simply leave me a comment and on Monday I will pick a random winner to receive it.  I will even add a monogram, for whomever this album will be used for.  (Be sure to leave the desired letter in your comment as well!)
Have a great weekend!

Would you like to be a part of our Diamond Mojo Club?

Well, I’m sure you will want to be a part of our Diamond Mojo Club if you would like to be entered into a random drawing for this AMAZING prize package provided to us by our fantastic friends at My Minds Eye. I mean, truly…what addicted scrapbooker out there would not want to get their crafty little hands on this brand spankin’ new product…..Lost & Found, by My Minds Eye.

So some of our new friends may be asking, ‘What is this mojo thing?”  Well…let me tell you!  It’s probably the funnest thing for me since, oh sheesh…who knows what…but it’s fun!  Every Wednesday, here on the blog, I create a sketch for our scrapbook friends to use as a springboard for creating their own layout.  Every week we have a random drawing from the layouts posted to our Facebook Fan Page, and that winner is sent a little scrappy goodness.  (Okay, who am I kidding!  Even our regular weekly drawings totally rawk!)  Well, I was so excited about the fact that we are on week 10 of Mojo’s that I wanted to go big and have an extra give away for anyone that is part of our Diamond Club, meaning that you have completed and posted all 10 sketches.  I called Melodee this morning and she said….’let me see what I can do’.  Wow.  I positively LOVE hearing those words come out of her mouth.  I think she did above and beyond!  Don’t you?

Now that you are dying to get your hands on this amazing package of goodness, here is what needs to happen.

1 – You must complete all 10 sketches, and they must be uploaded to our Facebook Fan Page.  Don’t Facebook?  No worries.  As long as they are posted on your own personal blog, with a link provided here in the comments, you’re all good!

2 – All 10 sketches must be completed and uploaded by midnight MST on Monday, September 27, 2010.  No late entries will be considered.

3 – Because this is such an amazing package, we are going to make you work a little for your chance to win it.  Most of you know we have such an amazing amount of layouts already posted on our Facebook fan page which is absolutely fantastic.  However, I want to make sure it’s completely fair and that your layouts are done, and quite frankly it might take me days to sift through everything….not that I wouldn’t LOVE it, but ya know….my kids also want to eat!  (Sounds like something your mother would say, right? :) You will each need to comment on THIS blog post stating that you are a Diamond Club member, along with the title and / or description of each of your 10 layouts! Now that’s not so bad, is it?

Here is a quick reference copy of all of the sketches so far…just to make it easy for you if you haven’t had a chance to create them yet!

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

Week #4

Week #5

Week #6

Week #7

Week #8

Week #9

Week #10

Good luck girls, and most of all….HAVE FUN!