We just returned from a wonderful trip to Anaheim for the Craft and Hobby Association expo! We had so much fun scoping out the latest and greatest in the Scrapbooking world and everything was just so lovely. We can’t wait to share what we found for you over the coming year! For now, we’ll show you some of the fun photos we couldn’t resist but share. (These photos have nothing to do with upcoming features; just a few things that inspired us! Sorry for the dark iphone quality photos)

I have an obsession with cupcakes…can you tell which ones are real and which are fake?


We HEART Cosmo Cricket!

cosmo cricket

Is this inspiring or is it just  me?


Provo Craft has a new amazing Cricut called the Cricut Cake. Yes, it cuts out fondant to decorate your cake. Seriously.

cricut cake

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- the boys at Fancy Pants are so much fun. Madison, this one is for you! (inside joke)

madison and jana