My Mind’s Eye LOVE

I had the BEST time creating with today’s kit.  The My Minds Eye LOVE kit is filled with a huge variety of patterns.  The beauty of this kit is that it doesn’t necessarily tie you to a “Valentines” theme.  In fact, when I saw the Love Me Do kit a few weeks back I IMMEDIATELY thought of using the fun, cheery colors to create a layout about my baby who is SUCH a handful.  In fact the kid runs me ragged every day, but when I get frustrated with him, all I have to do is really focus on his sweet little face and realize that there is SO, SO much to love about him!   The fact that I must burn an extra 500 calories a day by chasing him all over doesn’t hurt either!!  More chocolate for me!  😉
While the Be Loved collection does ring a little more “Valentin-ey” to me, it’s a perfect collection for any girly, girl layout.  The soft colors were prefect for this layout about my Sarah, cause she truly is a girly, girly, girl!
Now lets talk briefly about scraps!  Don’t waste em!  In fact don’t even put them away, because odds are they will never see the light of day again.  Put your creative mind to work and make a card or two!  I mean who doesn’t need a ‘Thank You’ card or a ‘Birthday’ card at the ready.  I’m just excited because I actually got my hunny’s Valentines card done already!  No mad dash on Saturday night to whip something up!
Yup.  I L-O-V-E, LOVE the My Minds Eye Love collections.

Happy scrappin’!

Fun at CHA!

Yep, you guessed it, we’re at CHA in Anaheim! If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, it’s the Craft and Hobby Association Expo! I’m having so much fun – tons of super cute stuff!  I’ve already placed orders for some great new things and some old favorites………

Here’s me and my friends at Imaginisce with one of my all time favorite tools – the i-top!

cha imaginisce….and this blog wouldn’t be complete without a photo of Madison from Fancy Pants! I’m in trouble now!

madison fancy pants