Hello everyone!  I have to tell you when I first thought of working with today’s steal, The American Crafts Craft Fair Kit, I wasn’t really quite sure what I was going to create.  I mean, super cute papers, but I’m not really a “crafty” person beyond the walls of scrapbooking.  Let’s face it…someone that buys a nice 80 stitch sewing machine for the sake of using on scrapbook pages, obviously falls a little short in the other areas of crafting.  (Don’t be alarmed…my 15 year old took a clothing class and has introduced fabric to my machine :)

I looked through the kit and saw the button paper….that’s right…b-u-t-t-o-n-s!!!  Ohhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE buttons!  No not to sew onto clothing…that’s what safety pins are for.  Buttons to use on SCRAPBOOK PAGES!  Immediately the idea popped into my head to use the cute button paper to create a cute home for my buttons!  Oh but the joy of this kit didn’t stop there.


What about a mini bandaid tin turned into a sewing kit “to-go”.  (And make sure it is fully stocked with safety pins in the even that a button DOES pop off!)


After I had my fun creating along the “crafty” lines of this kit, I couldn’t help but make a card using the city scene products.  As soon as I saw the “I Love You A Latte” flair, I knew I needed to make a card for a good friend that is a Starbucks addict!

This kit is really unlimited with potential.  I finished my crafting binge with this kit, by creating a layout of my daughter and one of the accomplishments that she made this past year.  I love how well the heart paper works with this layout cause, well, I <3 my girl!

Until next time…..craft happy!

PS – All of you Canadians out there…make SURE you check out our blog next Friday.  One of your fellow Canadians is going to be our guest designer and let me just say…she rocks my world!