Ok…since Emily is confessing, I’ll confess too.

I’m majorly hooked on blogs about Scrapbooking!

My best ideas and inspiration comes from other layouts and pages that I find posted on these blogs. I just can’t seem to sit down with paper, photos and embellishments and put it all together to perfection without inspiration. Wanja, another ScrapbookSteals staffer puts me to shame with her layouts every day here at the office – trying out all the awesome product we have lined up! (ps. can you imagine being able to scrapbook at work?) Even though Emily (see below post) SAYS she’s a bad scrapbooker, she’s lying! Although humble, she’s a designer and anything she does looks fabulous.
Do you have a blog dedicated to Scrapbooking? I’d love to see it! Maybe I’ll feature a few of my favorites here on this blog. Email me: jana@scrapbooksteals.com