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clever cutting tools that reduce time and make projects easier to beautify

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cutter bee retractable knife
cutting system
Sold out!

cutter bee circle scissor plus
with 2-pack replacement blade
Sold out!

Get ready for your next crop with these handy tools from EKSuccess. Whether you are starting a new design, or stuck in the middle of a project, EKSuccess has a cutting tool that will get your crafting to the next level. Precise straight-edge and circle cuts are now easily within reach.

Cutter Bee Retractable Knife System Features
  • retractable knife
  • 5 no touch retractable knife blades and storage cartridge
  • 13" square self-healing cutting mat with 1/4" grid lines
  • 12" non-slip metal ruler

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Cutter Bee Circle Scissor Plus Features

  • works best if used on glass surface
  • cut and draw circles up to 6"
  • circle range: 1 - 6"
  • creates infinite number of circles
  • cuts in both directions
  • draw circles with attachment for pens and pencils
  • adjusts to standard pen/pencil sizes
  • no-touch blade replacement
  • swivel handle for one step cutting
  • large comfort grip area to hold tool in place
  • gripper feet on bottom prevents slipping on surface
  • uses cutter bee replacement blades

Cutter Bee Circle Scissor Pro Bundle
  • 1 circle scissor
  • 1 2-pack replacement blades

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