My Mind's Eye Miss Caroline Embellishment Bundle

big opportunities, small packages

My Mind's Eye

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howdy doody
embellishment bundle
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dilly dally
embellishment bundle
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embellishment bundle
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dolled up
embellishment bundle
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Big things can come in small packages. Take the My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline Embellishment Bundle. This cute little bundle gives you exactly the artful touches your next project demands, so you can make grand statements. Wood die cuts in festive shapes are the foundation of these special bundles, while pear shaped accents and colorful twine make up the rest of this unique steal.

Howdy Doody Embellishment Bundle

  • 1 pkg twine - like
  • 1 pkg rhinestones - beautiful
  • 1 wood die cut - happy

Dilly Dally Embellishment Bundle

  • 1 pkg twine - celebrate
  • 1 pkg rhinestones - curious
  • 1 wood die cut - hello

Fiddlesticks Embellishment Bundle

  • 1 pkg twine - lucky
  • 1 pkg rhinestones - home
  • 1 wood die cut - you and me

Dolled Up Embellishment Bundle

  • 1 pkg twine - cute
  • 1 pkg rhinestones - princess
  • 1 wood die cut - living

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