KI Memories Gel Candy Epoxy Stickers

glossy, colorful, and soft with just the expression your project needs

KI Memories

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basics & more kit
gel candy epoxy stickers
Sold out!

more basics & love elsie kit
gel candy epoxy stickers
Sold out!

We are always looking for that little extra bit of color and texture for our projects. One of the best ways to add that little something extra is with KI Memories' Gel Candy. These kits include the best of basics and even more! Gel Candy Epoxy Stickers offer a vast variety of Colors, Shapes and Sizes. Gel Candy is perfect for any of your paper projects, acid free, photo safe, self-adhesive, and easy to use. Whether you need that extra splash of color and texture, or you need a specific 'word' for your project, these epoxy stickers will be perfect!

Basics & More Kit
  • yellow alphabet
  • yellow shapes
  • violet alphabet
  • violet shapes
  • pink shapes
  • hopeful alphabet
  • extreme alphabet
  • extreme shapes

More Basics & Love Elsie Kit
  • black alphabet
  • black shapes
  • green shapes
  • blue shapes
  • love elsie roxie
  • love elsie betty

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