We R Memory Keepers Notable

craft everyday moments with a timeless collection

We R Memory Keepers

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notable collection kit
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notable 6x6 pad
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We hand-picked this because: we know that every moment is worth remembering. Now you can record all of your memories with We R Memory Keepers' Notable — a collection made for those everyday moments.

notable collection kit

Document life's moments - both big and small - with a timeless collection from We R Memory Keepers. This all occasion collection is perfect for documenting life throughout the year. This timeless yet trendy collection helps tell your story in a way that's uniquely you.

  • 1 basic painted brads blue
  • 1 basic painted brads neutral
  • 1 basic painted brads red
  • 1 notable cardstock aqua
  • 1 notable cardstock gray
  • 1 notable cardstock green
  • 1 notable cardstock navy
  • 1 notable cardstock red
  • 1 notable cardstock yellow
  • 1 notable chipboard alphabet
  • 1 notable frames life
  • 1 notable frames moment
  • 1 notable frames wish
  • 1 notable paper archive
  • 1 notable paper captured
  • 1 notable paper dated
  • 1 notable paper documented
  • 1 notable paper filed
  • 1 notable paper hashtag
  • 1 notable paper listed
  • 1 notable paper memo
  • 1 notable paper noteworthy
  • 1 notable paper quoted
  • 1 notable paper record
  • 1 notable paper tagged
  • 1 notable tags hello there
  • 1 notable tags perfect day
  • 1 notable tags true story

notable 6x6 pad

Document life's moments - both big and small - with We R Memory Keeper's Notable 6 x 6 pad.

  • paper : 36 sheets - 2 each of 18 designs

About We R Memory Keepers

Over 90 years ago William R. Hiller and his two sons began building a heritage of quality and design - working to build a competitive, yet reliable business of preserving histories of information for generations to come. With a considerable amount of hard work and perseverance, the old Provo Book Bindery emerged as one of the premier bookbinding and preservation resources in the United States. We R Memory Keepers brings you the most beautiful, functional, quality-made products that fit the needs of all who wish to preserve their memories and memorabilia.

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