Zutter Innovations Bow-it-All Version 2

perfect bows every time


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bow-it-all version 2
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bow-it-all accessory pack
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We hand-picked this because: we all want to make perfect bows for our projects and presents. Use the Bow-It-All to create perfect bows every time.

bow-it-all version 2

This new version of the popular Bow-It-All has a smaller footprint for easier portability. More peg-hole options exponentially increases the number of bow size options. Create bows for all of your projects,

  • special features : peg holes every 1/2" for tons of bow sizes including a triple loop.
  • dimensions : 11" x 7"
  • note : storing the Ribbon Spool Post Supports under the Bow-it-All V2.0 board, frees more surface area for rolling and working with ribbons
  • uses : create a perfect bow every time including single, double, back ribbon bows and so much more

bow-it-all accessory pack

Add these accessories to your Bow-it-All supplies. If you have mis-placed any of your pegs or helping hands, have this accessory pack at the ready so your bow making won't have to slow down.

  • contents : 3 interlocking pegs, set of upgraded helping hands, tool wrench

About Zutter

Zutter Innovative Products, creators of the Bind-it-All, manufactures a variety of high quality, durable tools for crafting and creating. Located in Orange County, California, Zutter focuses on bringing useful and dynamic tools to market.