Imaginisce i-top Jewelry & Button Kit

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i-top jewelry kit
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i-top button kit
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We handpicked this because: we love creating custom button jewelry with our favorite tool! The Imaginisce i-top Jewelry Starter Kit allows you to create custom buttons, earrings, necklaces and magnet daddies.

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i-top jewelry kit

The Imaginisce i-top Jewelry Starter Kit creates custom buttons, earrings, necklaces and magnet daddies in two easy steps. Just position your fabric and blank button, brad, or magnet daddies and squeeze the grip. With professional embellishments this easy to make, all your friends will be wondering how you created such great custom pieces. There's no secret; you did it with the Imaginisce i-top Jewelry Starter Kit!

  • contents : i-top tool,
    magni-top earring kit - 2 pair earrings,
    magni-top necklace,
    1 pkg small magnet daddies - 8 sets,
    1 pkg medium magnet daddies - 6 sets,
    1 pkg large magnet daddies - 4 sets

i-top button kit

Use the i-top Button Kit to give yourself plenty of different sized buttons that transform into the sweetest project accents.

  • contents : 1 pkg small buttons,
    1 pkg medium buttons,
    1 pkg large buttons,
    1 pkg extra large buttons

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