7 Gypsies Mykonos

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7 Gypsies

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8x8 paper pad mykonos
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Sold out!

You don't have to be a gypsy, vagabond, or even a free spirit to enjoy the whimsical and beautiful aesthetics of a creative craft. With the 7 Gypsies Mykonos, create your own timeless and storytelling projects and decor. Share your stories and crafting masterpieces with bohemian, playful designs.

8x8 paper pad

  • paper : 48 sheets, double-sided designs, 6 each of 8 designs

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  • special features : unique pyramid shape
  • dimensions : approx 1.5" x 4"
  • contents : 20 pieces

About 7 Gypsies

7 Gypsies are tinkers, wanderers, poets, minstrels and mystics; they wander from place to place, looking for the whimsical, the faded and worn, the fantastic, the beautiful little objects others have left behind . . . they feel that beauty is timeless, never fading, and try to find it everywhere in their wanderings.

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