Lily Bee Persnickety Clear Acrylic Stamps

add clever designs with fuss-free details

Lily Bee Design

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persnickety clear acrylic stamps
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Does it drive you bonanzas when the toilet paper is on wrong? Do you go crazy when someone loads the dishwasher counter to your own way? Are you fussy about the details? Then you’ll love the Lily Bee Persnickety Clear Acrylic Stamps. Made for crafters that live for the small stuff, these happy stamps aren’t something fuss about!

persnickety clear acrylic stamps

  • material : clear acrylic
  • stamps : 12 stamps

About Lily Bee Design

Founder and designer Kristen Young had dreamed of owning her own paper company when she first began working at her local scrapbook store in 1995. With over 15 years experience within the scrapbooking industry she decided to take the plunge.Kristen wanted her company name to have meaning and named it after her great grandmother. Lily Bee Design debuted in February 2009.

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