Xyron 900 Creative Station

easily create professional quality stickers, magnets, labels, laminates, and more


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900 creative station
Sold out!

40' repositionable adhesive refill cartridge
Sold out!

As featured on the Martha Stewart Show, the Xyron 900 Creative Station is the easy way to create professional quality designs in a hurry. With this dandy crafting machine, you'll create stickers, magnets, and labels, and be able to laminate items up to 9-inches wide. Reach for the highly popular Xyron 900 Creative Station and get set to decorate your walls with charming portraits, create fridge magnets out of trip mementos, and make sheets of stickers to layer on your next scrapbook. Easy loading adhesive refill cartridges are also available, and at prices that feel like a steal, you'll save a bundle on the Creative Station from Xyron.

Xyron 900 Creative Station

  • applies an even layer of edge-to-edge adhesive onto items up to 9" wide.
  • instantly laminates items up to 8.5" wide.
  • easy to use, lightweight and portable
  • refillable
  • no heat
  • no electricity
  • no batteries
  • includes one 25' permanant ahesive cartridge

40' Repositionable Adhesive

Acid-free refill cartridge is 40' long and fits into a Xyron® 9” Creative Station™. Applies an even, edge to edge layer of repositionable adhesive up to 9" wide. Items can be placed, removed and repositioned without any residue.

Great for kids projects, stenciling, and temporary decor.

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