7 Gypsies Printer Trays

display your memories front and center with cute DIY home decor

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7 Gypsies

7 Gypsies Printer Trays


Put your memories out on display with a clever tray from 7 Gypsies. From small mememtos to Artist Trading Cards and photos, spice up your home with charming decor that puts your knickknacks front and center. Memories were made to be shared, and not just tucked away in books!

About 7 Gypsies

7 Gypsies are tinkers, wanderers, poets, minstrels and mystics; they wander from place to place, looking for the whimsical, the faded and worn, the fantastic, the beautiful little objects others have left behind . . . they feel that beauty is timeless, never fading, and try to find it everywhere in their wanderings.