Martha Stewart Scoring Board Kit

papercraft your designs with ease and accuracy with tool every crafter needs

Martha Stewart

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scoreboard kit
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We proud to feature the Martha Stewart Scoring Board Kit. It's not the board that keeps track of your kid's points at his or her game — that’'s a scoreboard! We are talking about the ideal tool for making handmade envelopes and precisely scored, folded, and trimmed paper crafts. Along with the Scoring Board, the dual function adhesive's design allows you to permanently and accurately stick your creation together. Whether you're looking making envelopes and gift boxes for the holiday season, or you just want to save valuable time on your own designs, the Scoring Board Kit is a brilliant, versatile steal for every paper perfectionist.


  • scoring board
    • scoring lines marked 1/8" apart
    • written instructions for making different sized cards, envelopes, gift boxes and more
    • includes a bone folder and a place to keep it
  • dual function adhesive
    • permanent adhesive
    • apply in a square by pushing down at a 90 degree angle
    • push up the base and use as an adhesive roller
    • approximately 32 feet of adhesive included

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