Mason Row Stackz Message Stamps

pre-inked stamps with delightful messages

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Mason Row

Mason Row Stackz Message Stamps


They say the first impression is the most important, but what about the first 8,000? With pre-inked stamps from Mason Row, you can impress others with the adorable little messages over and over again — a few thousand times! From formal to casual announcements, cards, and notes to a little something on your layout, stamp delightful phrases with Mason Row Stackz Message Stamps.


  • 3 stamps per set
  • pre-inked
  • make 5000-8000 impressions
  • stack for convenience
  • compact design

About Mason Row

Made in the USA, Mason Row offers all the tools you need to add an elegant personal touch to your social correspondence – from wedding and birthday invitations to birth announcements, holiday cards, thank you notes and more.