American Crafts DIY Thickers

custom decorate the words you want to say

American Crafts

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letterman diy thickers
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macaw diy thickers
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niki riki diy thickers
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poolside diy thickers
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rainboots diy thickers
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roller rink diy thickers
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shoebox diy thickers
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We all have something to say, and now you can sugar coat your messages the way you've always wanted to. American Crafts DIY Thickers come in fonts you'll love and are designed to be customized with glitter, microbeads, and flocking that make each Thicker stand out and coordinate perfectly with your project's theme. Whether you're writing a manifesto or a memo, reach for American Crafts DIY Thickers and make each letter sparkle!


  • foam alphabet stickers with an adhesive top
  • customizable to use with any project
    • peel away the adhesive cover
    • sprinkle your favorite embellishment (glitter, flock, tinsel, microbeads, etc)
    • brush away excess

About American Crafts

Steve and Alma Mitchell founded American Crafts in 1994 with their sons. Together, they quickly built the company into a business catering to the general crafting market. Initially specializing in pen manufacturing, American Crafts produced a variety of gel and ink pens and markers — customer favorites that are still part of the company’s lineup today.

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