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tape it kit
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banner it kit
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edge it kit
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tab it kit
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Hey craft insiders. Gossip Scrap Girl here and I have the biggest news ever. Spotted at the craft room: Lifestyle Crafts It Kits in the hands of staffers, Melodee Cloud and Brittany Perry. Was it only two weeks ago when these addicts hosted a "scrapbook retreat?" And already there are seen with the crafting dies that are the talk of the town! Creating tags, cards, holiday decor, party details, journals and more, the It Kit is quickly becoming one of the most notorious steals to be seen with. I wonder where they will end up next. XOXO - Gossip Scrap Girl

Each kit also includes a digital download to use with your electronic cutting machines.

Banner It Kit

  • dies: 8
  • die type: cookie cutter
  • dimensions: .8” x 3” - 4.2” x 4.3”

Edge It Kit

  • dies: 7
  • die type: cookie cutter
  • dimensions: .25” - 2” x 6”

Tab It Kit

  • dies: 16
  • die type: cookie cutter
  • dimensions: .7” x 1.5” - 1.5” x 4.4”

Tape It Kit

  • dies: 18
  • die type: cookie cutter
  • dimensions: 1.3 ̋x 1.3” - .8” x 5”