Bo Bunny Trim and Petal Selection

add the finishing touches with flowers, frills, and flair

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Bo Bunny

Bo Bunny Trim and Petal Selection


Details, details, details; the darling is in the details! Spruce up your layouts, crafts, and creative projects with Bo Bunny trims and petals. Not only are they easy to adhere, but these dazzling details are easy on the eyes too. Give your creations the extra oomph they deserve with these dainty embellishments.

Knit and Scrunch Petals

  • 2 flowers


  • 3 assorted trims per package

About Bo Bunny

The story of Bo Bunny Press began with a young girl named Jan Lanoy. She was raised in the Ozark area of Arkansas, then headed west to study art in college. In 1974, she married Don and packed away her paint box while she raised three sons. That old paint box wasn't reopened until 1996 when,at the urging of her sister, Jan started designing scrapbook papers. She still vividly remember standing outside a local craft store in Layton, Utah, terrified to show off her first two designs. Now, sixteen years later, BoBunny Press is an industry leader with its innovative paper and embellishment lines. Starting with 2 designs in a single store, BoBunny products can now be found in over 39 countries around the world.