Simple Stories Take a Hike Sn@p! Album

an outdoorsy collection that moves you

Simple Stories

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take a hike sn@p! album pages
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take a hike memorabilia pockets
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brown 6x8 sn@p! binder
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green 6x8 sn@p! binder
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The outdoors are full of great memories and innumerable photo opportunities that crafty archivists know how to take advantage of. When you're adventuring off the beaten path, don't forget to put the Simple Stories Take a Hike collection on your packing list.This outdoorsy themed collection is perfect for your nature-filled family affairs and will help you create layouts that preserve your memories for years to come. From Sn@p! Album Pages to Memorabilia Pockets, and a Sn@p! binder to collect and protect you best photos, this is your chance to scoop up this Simple Stories collection and Take a Hike!

Sn@p! Album Pages

  • 8 sheets of 6x8 double-sided cardstock

Memorabilia Pockets

  • 1 - 6" x 8" pocket
  • 2 - 4" x 6" pockets
  • 3 - 3" x 4" pockets

6x8 Sn@p! binder

  • 8 sn@p! pages
  • 3 kraft chipboard dividers
  • 2 6x8 divided pocket pages
  • 2 4x6 divided pocket pages
  • 2 3x4 divided pocket pages
  • 2 3x4/4x6 divided pocket pages
  • 2 2x8/4x4 divided pocket pages

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