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Bella BLVD Too Cute to Spook
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tell your Halloween tales with the help of this collection that is so cute, it's scary

too cute to spook collection kit
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The tale of the Bella BLVD Too Cute to Spook collection: Twas a deep, dark, and spooky night slightly lit by a full moon that constantly hid behind the sky’s clouds; yes, it was so scary the moon was hiding. As the boo crew ventured along an itsy bitsy spider-filled walkway, they noticed a glowing jack-o-lantern in the distance. Guided by the faint light, they walked up to an old, creaky porch. Quietly, they knocked on the tall wooden door. They heard steps off in the distance that grew louder and louder. Suddenly, the door flew open, stretching the cobwebs and scaring the black cat. The children screamed at the top of their lungs, “trick or treat” and they all lived happily ever after. Tell your own Halloween tales with this adorable collection from Bella BLVD.


  • 9 sheets 12x12 double-sided pattern papers 1 of each design
    • the boo crew
    • cobwebs
    • full moon
    • itsy bitsy spider
    • jacks a glow
    • spooky night
    • cute cuts
    • borders
    • quadrants
  • 1 - alpha bits
  • 1 - chipboard alpha purple
  • 1 - chipboard alpha black

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