American Crafts Chromatix Blending Markers

easy blending with a seamless, professional look

American Crafts

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chromatix blending markers 30-piece set with storage box
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chestnut chromatix blending markers 3-pack
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apricot chromatix blending markers 3-pack
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black single chromatix blending marker
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clear single chromatix blending marker
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Better blends can be yours thanks to American Crafts Chromatix Blending Markers. These dual-tipped markers give your creations gorgeous color with shading and definition that brings them to life. There's no cryptic numbering system or grid to follow; working with Chromatix is 1-2-3 easy! We've matched the most popular colors in light, medium, and dark, making it a no-brainer to choose which shades to blend together for a graduated, professional look. We've also added the Chromatix 30-piece set for serious crafters who want to keep the perfect blends within reach. From adding color to stamps to creating titles with the faded look to figuring out new ways to blend gorgeous color into your projects, Chromatix by American Crafts do it all!


  • alcohol based
  • add color, shading, and detail to any project
  • dual-tipped markers (brush and fine) in pre-matched shades of ink
  • acid free and archival safe
  • storage box included with the 30-piece set

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