Simple Stories Handmade Holiday Sn@p! Collection

crafty secrets that beautifully preserve your perfect holiday memories

Simple Stories

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handmade holiday sn@p! set
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red 6x8 sn@p! binder
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green 6x8 sn@p! binder
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Christmas in July? Believe it! The ultimate holiday season won't plan itself, so get a steal on the Simple Stories Handmade Holiday Sn@p! collection, and set these holiday essentials aside until your kids start dropping hints that Christmas is coming. Sn@p! collection accessories always go quickly and can be difficult to find, so plan ahead, make the holidays easier on yourself, and ensure that when it comes to having the most beautiful December Dailies, these Simple Stories have the heartwarming cheer your memories deserve.

Handmade Holiday Sn@p! Set

  • handmade holiday sn@p!album pages
  • handmade holiday sn@p! pockets
  • handmade holiday sn@p! 4x6 cards
  • handmade holiday sn@p! 3x4 cards

6x8 Sn@p! Binder

  • 8 sn@p! pages
  • 3 kraft chipboard dividers
  • 2 6x8 divided pocket pages
  • 2 4x6 divided pocket pages
  • 2 3x4 divided pocket pages
  • 2 3x4/4x6 divided pocket pages
  • 2 2x8/4x4 divided pocket pages

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