Doodlebug Designs Flower Bouquet Kit

create a lasting bouquet, or give a uniquely beautiful gift

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Doodlebug Designs

Chipboard flower bouquet bundle

  • : 1 chipboard flower bouquet
  • : 1 chunky glitter assortment
  • : 1 jewels

Doodlebug Designs Flower Bouquet Kit


Ready to craft the sweetest handmade gift for grandma? Want to surprise a friend with a piece of cute, hand-designed decor? With the unique Doodlebug Designs Flower Bouquet Kit, you'll create sparkly centerpiece that blooms and glistens. Jewel and glitter embellishments light up any room, and it's fun to flex your creative muscles on a custom bouquet design. You can even create your own Doodlebug Designs accent for the home, and use any leftover glitter jewel embellishments to add sparkly surprises to all your other projects.


  • chipboard flower bouquet
  • 1- pkg jewels
  • 1- 12-pack chunky glitter

About Doodlebug Designs

Doodlebug Design is a fun and exciting scrapbook manufacturer that is always looking to provide their customers with original designs and quality products. they offer a variety of products, from paper to stickers and buttons to ribbons that have all been designed and custom manufactured exclusively for them. All of their whimsical designs have been color coordinated to match from our their first release in 2000 to their most recent products.