Xyron Design Runner Portable Printer

the handheld printer that prints your designs on virtually any surface


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xyron design runner
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Take the printer to your project. The handheld Xyron Design Runner prints everything from beautiful WordArt to borders to custom designs for your scrapbook pages, cards, and gifts. Interchangeable design discs come loaded with beautiful fonts, designs, borders, phrases, and more! The Design Runner prints ink designs on virtually any surface like paper, photographs, and fabric, and even on difficult surfaces like metal, ribbon, twill, wood, and tissue.

Print fast or slow as desired — simply line up the Design Runner's cross hairs on the guide ledge with the print area, swipe the printer across the print point, and the selected design will print on your surface. At 67% off the retail price, the Xyron Design Runner is the portable ink printer with thousands of options.


  • cordless and easy to use
  • 2 - 9v batteries included
  • 1 - black ink cartridge included
  • 1 - starter disk with 40 designs included
  • user manual and idea book included
  • print on different types of surfaces such as wood and fabric
  • ink cartridge lasts approximately 5,000 inches with proper storage

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