Silhouette Fabric Ink and Fabric Interfacing

fabricate inventive new crafts with a helpful starter kit, inks, and interfacing


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tan fabric ink
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fabric ink starter kit
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white fabric ink
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stencil vinyl
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sewable fabric interfacing
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clean cut fabric interfacing
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Prepare to have people compliment your ink! We aren't talking about tattoos, but the Silhouette Fabric Ink and Fabric Interfacing. Customize onesies, beach totes, pillow shams, and much more with your favorite designs. With two different types of interfacing, you can easily adhere fabric when creating your masterpieces. Whether you are making wicked awesome jumpsuits for your motorcycle club or a nifty table runner for a dinner party, you'll be able to ink in style with Silhouette.

Starter Kit

  • ​2 oz bottle of black fabric ink
  • ​3 feet of see-through 9" stencil vinyl and clear transfer tape
  • ​Silhouette hook
  • ​mixing tray
  • ​sea sponge
  • ​foam brush
  • ​exclusive download card good for 10 stencil designs
  • ​idea booklet and instruction guide
  • ​instructional DVD

Fabric Ink

  • 2 fluid ounces per bottle

Stencil Vinyl

  • create a professional, screen-printed look on apparel and fabric with stencil vinyl and Silhouette fabric ink.
  • transparent stencil vinyl designed to be cut with Silhouette electronic cutting tools. Transfer tape allows for easy application of intricate designs to projects. Both stencil vinyl and transfer tape are see-through for easy application to clothing and fabric
  • 1 9x36 inch roll of stencil vinyl
  • 1 9x36 inch roll of transfer tape

Sewable Fabric Interfacing

  • sewable fabric interfacing is ideal for cutting detailed fabric that will be sewn onto clothes, quilts, and other soft surfaces
  • sewable interfacing has a thinner adhesive that irons onto fabric enabling it to be cut with Silhouette electronic cutting tools. The cut-outs can then be temporarily adhered to a project while they are sewn or stitched into place
  • 1 36x17 inch sheet sewable heat transfer fabric interfacing

Clean Cut Fabric Interfacing

  • clean cut fabric interfacing is ideal for cutting detailed fabric designs to be ironed onto cards and scrapbook pages or hand-stitched onto other materials
  • clean cut interfacing has a thicker adhesive that irons onto fabric ensuring a clean cut with your Silhouette electronic cutting tool
  • 1 36x17 inch sheet clean cut heat transfer fabric interfacing

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