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American Crafts Combo Blade Trimmer & Scissors

create easy, accurate cuts in seconds

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combo blade trimmer
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scissors kit value 4-pack
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Enjoy tri-cut convenience in one portable trimmer and snag extra pairs of sharp, accurate scissors with American Crafts Combo Blade Trimmer & Scissors. Quickly swap between blades just by flipping the switch, and you'll be ready to slice your way through any project on your list. Able to cut heavyweight cardstock up to 12x12 inches, the CutUp Combo Blade Trimmer is the new must-have for every crafter who wants to "cut" down on time and improve precision. With two sizes of American Craft Scissors, these sharp pointed blades come with comfortable cushioned grip, stain steel blades, and are perfect for paper, fabric, and more.

combo blade trimmer

Enjoy the tri-cut convenience in one portable trimmer. Quickly swap between blades just by flipping the switch. Cut paper up to 12" x 12" and 400gsm. This package includes one 18" x 6" trimmer with extendable arm.

  • contents : three blades in one - scoring blade, straight blade, wavy blade
  • special features : quickly swap between blades just by sliding the switch, extendable arm
  • dimensions : cut paper up to 12" x 12"

scissors kit value 4-pack

This set is great to use for any project and the value pack means you have extra scissors to keep in various places.

  • contents : two 7" pairs and two 5" pairs of scissors
  • uses : perfect for use with paper, fabric, and more
  • special features : sharp pointed blades;
    comfortable cushioned grip;
    stainless steel blades resistant to rust and corrosion

About American Crafts

Steve and Alma Mitchell founded American Crafts in 1994 with their sons. Together, they quickly built the company into a business catering to the general crafting market. Initially specializing in pen manufacturing, American Crafts produced a variety of gel and ink pens and markers — customer favorites that are still part of the company’s lineup today.

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