Simple Stories Scrapbooking in a Sn@p

timeless charm, a touch of attitude, and the unique look of the sn@ap series

Simple Stories

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summer fresh collection kit
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summer fresh sn@p! pages
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awesome collection kit
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awesome sn@p! pages
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harvest lane sn@p! pages
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harvest lane memorabilia pockets
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harvest lane 6x6 paper pad
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Straight from one of the most unique companies we love comes the Scrapbooking in a Sn@p series. From Summer Fresh to Awesome to Harvest Lane, you'll be all set to scrapbook your latest Simple Stories, as well as those to come this season and beyond. Full of bold patterns and embellishments, classic distressing, and subdued color palettes, these Simple Stories collections and elements create a rustic charm that will warm your heart. From Sn@p! Pages that coordinate with Sn@p binders to Memorabilia Pockets, a sweet little paper pad, and of course each gorgeous collection kit, you'll be smitten with the creative storytelling potential of Simple Stories.

Summer Fresh Collection Kit

  • 1 12x12 sheet of expression cardstock stickers
  • 1 sheet of each 12x12 double sided cardstock
    • bits of summer
    • sunshine and happiness
    • summer quilt
    • flash cards
    • journaling card element 1
    • journaling card element 2
    • vertical journaling cards
    • quote & photo mat
    • title strips
    • page elements
    • denim/grid
    • red flower/honeycomb
    • yellow lace/stitched lattice
    • sky blue daisy/notebook
    • burlap/dictionary
    • bingo cards

Awesome Collection Kit

  • 1 12x12 sheet fundamental cardstock stickers
  • 1 12x12 sheet expression cardstock stickers
  • 1 sheet of each 12x12 double sided cardstock
    • so random
    • boys rock
    • extreme
    • 100% boy
    • totally cool
    • 4x6 journaling card elements 1
    • 4x6 journaling card elements 2
    • 4x6 vertical journaling card elements
    • 4x4 quote & 6x8 photo mat elements
    • border strip elements
    • 6x12 page elements
    • blue mini dot/ledger
    • orange star/map
    • green stripe/tickets
    • red dot/grid
    • bingo cards/chevron

Sn@p! Pages

  • 8 double sided 6" x 8" cardstock cards
  • designed to coordinate with Simple Stories SN@P binder albums

Memorabilia Pockets

  • 3 double sided 3" x 4" pockets
  • 2 double sided 4" x 6" pockets
  • 1 double sided 6" x 8" pocket

6x6 Paper Pad

  • 36 sheets
  • single sided designs

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