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All Occasion Cards and Gift Bags


There are few things we love more than a spring garden party, and there's no lovelier way to present the hostess with a gift than with All Occasion Cards and Gift Bags. With everything you need to beautifully dress up small gifts, or send elegant notes and invitations, this steal has just what you need to make every special occasion look and feel its best. From sturdy and sophisticated gift bags to delicate tissue papers and blank gift cards awaiting your creative touch, every gift and card will be the definition of "put together". Best of all, this posh politeness is a steal of a deal, so you can spend more of your money on a gift!

Large Gift Bags 5-pack

  • dimensions: 10"x 13"

Tissue Paper

  • content: 100 sheets

Cards and Envelopes 50-pack

  • dimensions:
    • A2: card 4.25x5.5, envelope 4.375x5.75
    • A7: card 5x7, envelope 5.25x7.25