American Crafts Neon Embossing Powder 7-pack

neon embossing powder that makes every design stunningly bright

American Crafts

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  zing! embossing powder
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Dayglow flair makes a loud statement, and with the American Crafts Neon Embossing Powder 7-pack, your projects will get the attention they deserve. Fun for crafters of all ages, it's time to put some ZING into your creative designs! American Craft embossing powder is super easy to use and combines vivid color with a strong hold, so all the work you put into your design is rewarded with bright, bold color that refuses to be ignored.


  • 1 oz powder per bottle
    • 1 bottle neon green
    • 1 bottle neon orange
    • 1 bottle neon pink
    • 1 bottle neon yellow
    • 1 bottle neon red
    • 1 bottle neon amber

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