Prima Marketing Stamps & Alphabets

extravagant embellishments that add luxurious accents to every project

Prima Marketing

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coffee shop
 4x6 stamp
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nex net
 4x6 stamp
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clear stamp
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textured alphabet stickers
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Take it from the paper-crafting pros at Prima Marketing, and dress up the beauty of all your projects with these premium quality embellishments. From intricate and elegant stamp designs to textured alphabet stickers, these juicy elements make every paper craft strikingly beautiful. When your design calls for an extra pop of sophistication, reach for Prima Marketing and make an impression.

Clear Stamp 3-pack

  • 1 pkg fontologie stamps
  • 1 pkg flourish stamps
  • 1 pkg nouveau stamps

Textured Alphabet Stickers 6-pack

  • 1 pkg black
  • 1 pkg ivory
  • 1 pkg brown
  • 1 pkg pink
  • 1 pkg snow white
  • 1 pkg yellow

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