We R Memory Keepers Albums Made Easy

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We R Memory Keepers

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bloom cardstock cards
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webster cardstock cards
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tangerine cardstock cards
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memo cardstock cards
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grid cardstock cards
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bloom journaling cards
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webster journaling cards
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tangerine journaling cards
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memo journaling cards
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12x12 ring sleeve multi-pack
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Compatible with the We R Memory Keepers Albums Made Easy system, this large collection of cardstock cards, journaling cards, and photo sleeves are ready to help you customize your stories in minutes. Perfect for the scrapbooker who wants to make memories look beautiful and stay safe and organized, these We R Memory Keepers Albums Made Easy accessories are full of great spring and summer storytelling potential. Live life to the fullest, and then tell every story with We R Memory Keepers!

Cardstock Cards

  • 60 Double-Sided Cardstock Cards
    • 42-3x4 cards
    • 18-4x6 cards

Journaling Cards

  • 257 Double-Sided Journaling Cards
    • 200-3x4 cards
    • 75-4x6 cards

12x12 Ring Sleeve Mutli-Pack

  • 50 d-ring sleeves
    • 35 sheets - 4-6x4, 4-3x4
    • 15 sheets - 4-4x6, 4-4x3
      • designed to fit cardstock and journaling cards

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