American Crafts Shoreline Collection

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Shoreline Collection Kit

  • : 1 shoreline collection pack 12x12
  • : 1 shoreline emb delights-surfboard
  • : 1 shoreline emb remarks- shoreline pelican
  • : 1 shoreline emb remarks- shoreline sandpipe
  • : 1 shoreline emb seaside pinwheels

American Crafts Shoreline Collection


Summer is only a couple flips of the calendar away, and that means weekends at the pool and family trips to the beach are almost here! With the American Crafts Shoreline Collection, you can beautifully preserve every sunny moment. Make sure your photos of the grandkids learning new dives get their own layout. And don't forget to scrapbook the family's award-winning sand castle design, or the candid shots of Aunt Jeannie floundering in her snorkeling gear. Full of vibrant yellows, oranges, and pinks, as well as fancy beach-inspired embellishments (nothing says summer like pinwheels, pelicans, and beach umbrellas), this hot collection brings every summer story to life.


  • 18 sheets 12x12 double sided papers
  • 1 pkg black boardwalk thickers
  • 1 pkg delights-surfboard flowers
  • 1 pkg delights-seaside pinwheels
  • 1 pkg remarks-pelican mini alpha stickers
  • 1 pkg remarks-sandpiper dimensional stickers

About American Crafts

Steve and Alma Mitchell founded American Crafts in 1994 with their sons. Together, they quickly built the company into a business catering to the general crafting market. Initially specializing in pen manufacturing, American Crafts produced a variety of gel and ink pens and markers — customer favorites that are still part of the company’s lineup today.