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Create the life you want, document the journey.

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Fancy Pants Designs

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sure to be one of your favorite collections, the designs and colors are a perfect blend. With a world-wide look and awesome embellishments like brag cards, patterned envelopes & bags and matching decorative buttons, you can create dozens of projects to celebrate you living your live as you wish.

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As you wish mega kit

  • $19.99
  • $60.73
  • Die cuts: 1 pkg small decorative tags - 8 pieces; 1 pkg large decorative tags - 6 pieces; 1 pkg patterned photo frames; 1 pkg title pieces - 4 pieces; 1 pkg brag cards - 36 pieces
  • Bags: 1 pkg decorative bags - 6 pieces
  • Stickers: 1 sheet 12x12 sticker fundamentals; 1 sheet 4x6 sticker labels; 1 sheet 6x12 alphabet stickers - gold
  • Embellishments: 1 pkg toppers - 4 pieces
  • Envelopes: 1 pkg patterned envelopes - 5 pieces;
  • Paper: 24 sheets 12x12 double-sided, patterned cardstock
  • Buttons: 1 pkg flair buttons - 6 pieces; 1 pkg button set - 14 pieces

Create your life "As You Wish". While this collection has a bit of a world-wide theme and can be used for your travel themed projects, it is perfect for all of your introspective crafting. Create the life you want and document your journey with this collection from Fancy Pants.

Fancy Pants As You Wish


About Fancy Pants Designs

With their combined knowledge, Jodi {the creative person} and Jared {the business person} took a chance on a dream and founded their own unique company. Fancy Pants Designs premiered their first collections to the craft and hobby industry in the Winter of 2005. What started as a home-based business quickly flourished into an exciting opportunity of bringing creative ideas to life in many different mediums.

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