Hazel & Ruby Scalloped Washi Tape

An embellishment favorite - washi tape, but a little more fancy

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Hazel & Ruby

We handpicked this because

why just use washi tape when you can use scallop washi tape? Still as versitile as original washi tape, you can use this for papercrafts, art journaling and even your new planner. You can now do it a little fancier. With two design choices and fun, bright colors, just imagine all of the super cute projects you can dream up.

Hazel & Ruby Scalloped Washi Tape


About Hazel & Ruby

Hazel & Ruby believes different is cool, creativity is king, and that passion and inspiration are something that drive each one of us everyday. Born out of the Pinterest & Etsy movements, Hazel & Ruby is unique and on-trend with nostalgia fueling vision. They are inspired by a bygone era where much of life was made by hand.

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