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if you need a few creative ways to organize and transport your crafting gear at home and on the go, Neatnix has just what you're looking for. Stop the clutter and start keeping your crafts streamlined with the Neatnix Stuff Bag. Designed by storage and organizing experts who know what a difference a little organization can make, Neatnix has the perfect ways to keep your crafty life clean.

Neatnix Stuff Bags


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About Neatnix

At Neatnix, they’re about creating “smart solutions to life’s little problems”. Since 1989, that’s been their focus. They realize that these “little problems” can really make life a challenge. As the world has become more complex, more crowded, more confusing and busier than ever, these “simple solutions” have become more and more valuable. The Neatnix goal is to make your life easier and more enjoyable by helping you solve your organizing challenges. From jewelry to clothing to crafting supplies to a host of other items in your world. They're focused on finding ways to better arrange them, access them and make them complement your life rather than clutter it. Neatnix products are developed at the company headquarters in Escondido, California, and many products are produced and packaged in the U.S. Most of their products can be found at major retailers and specialty stores throughout the U.S.

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