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Simple Stories

We handpicked this because

our moms and pops are the most important people in our lives. Simple Stories created some beautiful collections to honor those most special to us. This kit contains both collections, a little bit to honor our moms and a little bit to honor our pops.

Mom & Pop Collection Kit

  • $4.99
  • $11.46
  • Stickers: 4 sheets 6x12 cardstock stickers - 2 alpha/word, 2 icons
  • Paper: 4 sheets 12x12 double-sided, patterned cardstock - 2 mom, 2 pop

Plucked from the Simple Sets collections of Hey Mom & Hey Pop, together this little collection kit is full of all of the sentiments we share with about parents. Super hero, super mom and more grace the stickers and cut apart papers. Put together a memory of your parents or your children's parents for future generations to enjoy.

Simple Stories Mom & Pop


About Simple Stories

Simple Stories is thrilled to share their solution to the time consuming hobby of scrapbooking with a system that allows you to balance your hobby with your busy life. Their products are created to help you share your memories in a simple, yet beautiful, way! With quick and easy scrapbooking solutions and pre-designed element pieces in just the right sizes, you can keep up on scrapbooking your memories and still have the time to create them!

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