American Crafts Paper Trimmer

Trim your cardstock to any size you need.

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getting a new paper trimmer for a crafter is just like getting a new pair of shoes for all of us. Using a brand-new, crisp trimmer can bring hours and hours of happy crafting time. American Crafts paper trimmers are top of the line and great to use with all types of paper and cardstock.

Craft blade trimmer

  • $7.99
  • Retail $14.99
  • Special features: extendable arm, spring action track, accuracy and precision

This portable paper trimmer has an extendable arm to cut paper up to 8 1/2" x 11". Trimmer measuring 9" features spring-action track and comes with two blades.

American Crafts Paper Trimmer


About American Crafts

Steve and Alma Mitchell founded American Crafts in 1994 with their sons. Together, they quickly built the company into a business catering to the general crafting market. Initially specializing in pen manufacturing, American Crafts produced a variety of gel and ink pens and markers — customer favorites that are still part of the company’s lineup today.

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